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About Morningside Kennels




 The Kennel Accommodation
Each kennel has a heated sleeping area with a sleeping deck and a spacious exercise run. 
 All the kennels are large enough to accommodate two or more dogs, so dogs from the same family can stay together.
Maintaining a fresh, clean environment is an important part of kennel management so it goes without saying that our cleaning regime must be of the highest standard.   All kennels, exercise runs and walkways are cleaned at morning and evening kennels, bedding is changed daily. 
 The kennels are cleaned from top to bottom between occupancy so you can be assured that your pets' environment will be fresh and clean.
Beds and Bedding
Plastic beds are provided with comfy and hygienic vet bed for bedding.   
Meal Times
We stock a good range of complete foods and most of the proprietory brands of tinned foods, you are welcome to bring your own food if you wish including fresh or raw diets which can be frozen and de-frosted as required.  We have two main feeding times each day, extra feeds can be given if
required eg. puppies requiring 3 or 4 meals per day. 
 Food and water bowls are provided. Clean, fresh water is available at all times. 
  Medication and Supplements
Medications and supplements can be given if required, please ensure that enough is brought for the duration of your pets stay and that all packets and containers are clearly marked with dosage instructions.
Exercise and Playtimes
 Your pet will have access to his own personal exercise area at all times during his stay, he will also exercise and play off lead twice a day in one of our enclosed exercise areas.
A full vaccination programme, including Kennel Cough, is required and should be completed at least 10 days prior to boarding. Current vaccination record cards must be produced at each visit.
Our on call kennel vet is Baxter and Marwood, 24 hour service is available if required. 
Opening Times
 Open daily. 
 Our check in and check out times are 
 8 -10am   and   4 - 6pm.
In compliance with Health and Safety Policies clients are not permitted beyond reception at check-in and check-out times.  
Although we are happy to answer any email queries please note bookings should be made using our telephone contact number 01772 614715.
A non-refundable deposit of £30.00 per dog per week is required when booking.
 Balances are due when your pet is collected.
 Please note amendments cannot be made for early collection.
We are always happy for prospective new clients to view our kennels, however please appreciate that we are a very busy kennels and as the main gates are locked for security reasonsoutside of our opening times it is advisable to contact us for an appointment prior to visiting,

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