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Pet DogTraining Courses at Morningside Kennels

A sociable and well mannered dog is a happy dog and a joy to be with, it is easier to take him out in public and to have friends visit your home.
Training can be fun and is rewarding for both dog and owner.
Morningside Pet Dog Training Centre complies with the Kennel Club Code of Practise for dog training and holds Kennel Club Listed Status for the Good Citizen Dog Scheme. Classes take place in a friendly and relaxed environment at our purpose built training centre.  They are open to all breeds and ages - puppies on completion of their vaccinations.
 Academy of Dog Training & Behaviour
Gold Level Approved Trainer
Kennel Club Listed    
We use only kind reward based training methods. Our simple but effective training techniques encompass all the skills necessary for a happy and rewarding partnership with your dog. We provide a foundation that teaches an understanding of how our dogs learn and assist you to train your dog to be obedient in everyday situations.
Participants can work progressively towards the Kennel Club Good Citizen Award Scheme.  The Award Scheme is a nationally recognised Kennel Club standard promoting and supporting responsible dog ownership.
There are four levels of the Scheme:
Puppy Foundation, Bronze, Silver and Gold.
 Each award is a natural progression and aims to develop understanding and knowledge, while building a dog's confidence and levels of obedience.  
Bronze /Silver and Gold courses consist of eight sessions.
Puppy Foundation course is six sessions.
 The Courses involve a gradual development of basic exercises aimed at daily life situations.
 Participants have the option to take the Kennel Club Good Citizen Assessment at the last session of the Bronze, Silver and Gold courses.
The Puppy Foundation is assessed over the duration of the course.
Kennel Club Certificates are awarded on successful completion of each individual level. 
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A trained dog is a happy dog"
 Kennel Club Good Citizen Award Scheme.
 Puppy/Foundation Award
Specialises in training owners to train their puppies. 
 There is no minimun training standard required as long as the puppy is less than 12 months when the course is completed.
Everyone is given a puppy foundation diary which records your puppy's progress.
An official Kennel Club certificate will be awarded on completion of the course. 
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Bronze Award
Aims to teach the dog to walk and behave in a controlled manner.  It is a basic standard that all dogs can achieve with correct training, handling and practise. 
There is no minimum standard required. 
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Silver Award 
A natural progression of practical training skills which builds on the Bronze level and introduces new concepts which are important in everyday life situations. Minimum standard is to have achieved Bronze level.
          1. Playing with the dog                                      6. Come away from distractions
           2. Road walk                                                   7. Controlled greeting
           3. Recall                                                         8. Food Manners
           4. Stays                                                         9. Examination of dog
           5.Vehicle control                                            10. Responsibility and care
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Gold Award
The highest level of achievement within the scheme, building on the skills learnt in the Silver Award and developing more advanced training skills of the dog and handler providing a greater understanding and control. Minimum standard is to have achieved Silver level.
         1. Road walk                                                      6. Stop the dog (emergency stop)
         2. Return to handlers side                                  7. Relaxed isolation
         3.Walk free (not on lead) beside handler            8. Food manners
         4.Stay in the down position                                9.Examination of dog
         5.Send the dog to bed (sendaway)                     10. Responsibility and care.
Please contact us for further details
Please note refunds cannot be made for unattended classes or in the event of the course not being completed, however should you not be able to complete the course due to e.g. bitch in season you will be offered a place on the next course covering the weeks you missed.   
One-to-One and Puppy Pre-Training Classes  
One to One Classes 
 One to one training can be arranged for owners who feel they or their dogs need a little more individual attention.

This can be for a variety of reasons:

  • A specific problem that needs intensive training such as walking on a loose lead or jumping up.
  • Your dog may be easily distracted or get over excited in the company of other dogs making  concentration difficult in a group class situation.

Classes are by arrangement so you can progress at your own speed. 

 Contact us to discuss your requirements or to book a class 01772 614715.


 Puppy Pre-Training Class 

 The Puppy Pre-Training Class is a one to one class specifically designed for owners who want to get off to the best start with their new puppy. 

Having a new puppy in your life is an exciting experience but as puppies learn at a very fast rate it is essential that they learn positive lessons as early as possible. Prevention is always better than cure so early advice is important and gives reassurance that you are doing the right thing and helps to avoid future correctional training which will be confusing for your puppy.

A Puppy Pre-Training session is an ideal introduction to our Good Citizen Puppy Foundation Classes and will enable you to start your training whilst waiting for a course to commence.


    Contact us on 01772 614715 for more information and to book a session.
















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